A netizen has exposed a serial playboy who absconded from his responsibilities as a partner and a father, and left a single mother and his own son on their own to fend for themselves.

According to a close friend of the single mother, the man in the photo had met with the victim and won her heart. Back then, he had told her that he was divorced and free to date again. The two hit it off and soon they were pregnant with a child.

However, the relationship went downhill after that. The man later admitted that he was not divorced, and had not even hired a lawyer to commence divorce proceedings. He asked the single mother to wait for him, but eventually stopped responding to texts and calls.

He has since run away from his responsibilities as a father, refusing to even give a single cent to pay for his child’s upbringing according to his jilted ex-girlfriend.

The netizen wrote: ” After the quarrel they had, he just run away and don’t want to support the kids,not even giving a single cent for the kids and go flirting around with other woman. Telling them that he’s single,not married and no kids. even deleted the photo of his kids on his social media.”

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