Singapore Airlines is reviewing its policy of serving nuts as snacks in flights, this after an Australian family raised a formal complaint against the airline for allegedly causing an “allergic reaction to peanuts” due to peanuts eaten by other passengers.

The 3 year-old Toddler, Marcus Daley, along with his parents Chris and Hong Daley, flew on SQ217 from Singapore to Melborne last Wednesday. When fellow passengers opened the packets of peanuts served by the airline during the flight, the boy began to display signs of anaphylaxis.

“He started vomiting, his eyes were starting to swell and he couldn’t speak properly,” claimed Mr Daley.

Thankfully, a disaster was averted because the Daleys’ had brought anti-allergy medication. Anaphylaxis is potentially life-threatening and can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure. It causes a person’s immune system to release a flood of chemicals that can lead to one going into shock.

The flight crew immediately removed all packets of peanuts surrounding the cabin and placed a suspension on the serving of peanuts in the cabin for the rest of the flight.

In response to the media, SIA said that it is currently reviewing the sale of nuts on its future flights.

SIA is in touch with the boy and his family. The parents of the boy however, are not satisfied.

“We have just been brushed off and we just want to make people aware that this can happen on a plane,” she told the Australian Broadcasting Corportion. “All they have to do is just stop serving peanuts… and there’s so many snacks.”

If SIA decides to remove peanuts from its flights, it will be one of the only major airline that offers nut-free flights. Emiates, Qatar Airways and Ethihad Airways do not offer nut-free flights. Qantas stopped serving nuts in 2007, while Air New Zealand does not use peanuts in its meals and snacks, although ANZ added that it “cannot guarantee there are no trace elements of peanuts” in its food. ANZ serves other nuts only for passengers traveling by business class.

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