A photograph of a lesson in Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), which touched on the sensitive topic of racial privilege in Singapore, was leaked online by a student. Instead of receiving flak for its approach however, netizens expressed support for the lesson and the teacher for dealing with tricky and difficult issues in a classroom.

According to a netizen, the photograph was taken in a local Singapore school when the teacher had been presenting the learning objectives for the lesson on racial privilege. From the screenshot, the lesson used the example of “white privilege” in America as a case study, and linked the issue back to Singapore where debates over racial privilege, in particular “Chinese privilege” have taken root in recent years.

Netizens who saw the post gave their support to the teacher. Many felt that the lesson was very applicable to the current social problems in Singapore.

One netizen wrote: “This looks like an excellent lesson about problematic issues facing the world today. Kudos to the teacher.”

Another netizen explained the context of white privilege in Singapore: “You all know about AMDK? The proper English term is “white privilege”.”

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