A netizen has posted a plea to social media to help look for her long lost uncle.
According to the netizen, her uncle was born on 20th July 1975 in Singapore's KK Hospital, but he was given away to a foster family headed by Mr Chia Yee Meng to give him a better life.
Read her touching account here.
"Ohana means family. And in family, nobody gets left behind or forgotten. – Disney’s Lilo And Stitch.
In this case, in my family, nobody gets lost and forgotten, even when his own mother hasn’t caught a glimpse of him since he was born.
My uncle, 谢志鸿, had been separated from my grandmother since his birth on 20th July 1975. In this sea of seven billion people, there lives one person whose mother is desperately seeking for the son she had given to a foster family 42 years ago. A mother’s love is as boundless as this triumphantly digitized culture we live in, and that’s why we’re going to rely on this platform, hope against hope, that somehow, after all these decades, someone will step forward, and finally reunite with the one person whose heart loved a person she did not know.
Sacrifices were made in the past. Tough sacrifices. Just like the choice my grandmother made to give her son to Mr Chia Yee Meng, in the firm belief that he would be more financially able to provide for, raise and nurture this life.
Every day, my grandmother prays that there will be someone on this platform who could bring home the one person she has loved unconditionally since day one, but never met. In this day and age, social media has not only help to reconnect families and preserved long distance relationships. Like these families and relationships, we also pray that we can harness this platform and use it as a light to guide my uncle home, to the place where he will be surrounded by people related by blood, to the place where he will be surrounded by the family who has never forgotten or forsaken him, to the place where he will find his mother – the one woman who put her son before anything else. The one woman who would now like to see the person she had conceived, loved and lost.
To my uncle, if you see this. Our hearts are ready to receive, ready to welcome you home.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any information about this man; +65 9737 3076 or 9386 9263
Jovan Wong

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