6 Singaporeans were at Batam’s Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall for a good night out, but ended up becoming victims of a taxi driver lynchmob instead!

The 6 men had arrived in a car to the shopping mall and were planning on heading back home. As they pulled out of their parking lot, they were stopped by a horde of men who were alleged to be taxi drivers.

A heated argument ensued between the men and the taxi drivers, who accused them of usinng Uber and undercutting their business.

In a few harrowing moments, the taxi drivers detained the men, scratched their car and threatened them with physical violence.

The netizen wrote: “They refused to let us leave. They scratched our car. Thugs. Yes, the cab drivers r angry that Uber has killed their livelihood, but we were driving our rental car. Everyone going to Batam better think twice. I’m never going Batam again. Nothing worth going for. #BatamNoMore

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