On 27 June 2017, I passed by this pet shop (AG Pets Toa Payoh) located at 69 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, to my horror, I saw 4 syrian hamsters housed in a small tank. They were all hunched up in the corners and they were being fed with CAT KIBBLES. How did I know it was cat kibbles? Please advise which hamster food is shaped like a fish.

I looked over to the next tank and saw a tiny hamster laying on its side and was breathing heavily. His bottom was soiled and sticky that it was attracting bugs. The pet shop owner did not believe that the hamster was sick when informed, and proceeded to knock on the tank. He then scooped the poor hamster out with it’s food bowl, yes he scooped it out.

The pet shop owner then hurried to the back of the shop and just left it on the shelf. There was NO quarantine area! How can a shop sell live animals without any quarantine when this is necessary under the rules and regulations?

The pet shop owner was not willing to bring the hamster to the vet when it desperately needed medical attention, and only reluctantly gave it when I mentioned that I will cover the hamster’s vet fees.

Unfortunately, the hamster passed away before the vet could put it to sleep. There was no hope due to the irresponsible pet shop owner’s negligence. At least the hamster experienced some love and warmth before it’s passing, and was cremated and not dumped into the rubbish bin at the back of the shop like the other DEAD FISHES that I saw.

In addition, there is no proper food (hay) for the rabbit(s) sold at this pet shop.

Up to this day, I still feel horrible for not being able to help this poor hamster more. And it is therefore your duty to follow up with irresponsible pet shops like this “AG Pets Toa Payoh”, their license should be suspended.

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