Dear A.S.S. Editors,

Last 2 months, i called Singtel for the cancellation of my dad’s Mio TV plan. They informed that i can’t cancel the plan at that time and can only be cancelled on 7th July. I then waited 7th July to call in again to cancel the
plan. But on 5th of July, their sales person called my aged father whom was unable to hear well and introduced him another plan, which required him to renew the plan for another 6 months. As my aged father don’t really
understand English, he then asked the sales person to call my sis instead and gave her the authority.

After calling my sis, the sales person told her that my father had agreed to sign up the plan and authorised my sis to agree to it. My sis was quite puzzled and just listened to what the sales agent explain. So as to said, my dad have to subscribe to Mio plan for another 6 months. I tried to cancel the plan but after explanation & rejection from Singtel, basically they can’t do anything more other than us having to subscribe to the stupid 6 months plan which my dad don’t even wishes to watch.

I feel that Singtel should not render their sales through phone especially to aged & old people. Contracts should be signed instead agreeing over the phone. I feel like it is like a high class cheating case and hope everyone will be aware of especially those with old & aged parents.

A.S.S. Contributor

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