Dear Mdm Halimah, as you are now still in the process of “thinking” and consulting your family members and colleagues on whether to stand for the coming Presidential Election, I, as a resident under your care in the Marsiling ward, will like to give my honest and frank opinion to you.

Even though we are on the different side of the political divide, as an MP, I have observed and seen the many changes you have brought in to Marsiling ever since taking over from Hawazi Daipi.

You are very active on the ground, connected well with the residents and bring a lot of changes, improvements and new facilities to the area especially here in Marsiling Drive.

Your sincere dedication and commitment to the residents here can’t be denied. You have truly carry out your duties well.

Therefore, I will like to seriously urge you to complete your term here in Marsiling and not leave your residents here in a lurch by standing in the Presidential Election.

You are bigger and greater than all that. The coming PE is just a big insult to the minorities here. We shall not and never stoop so low by participating in it and degrading the whole community with it.

Mdm, I sincerely believe that you can still contribute much more for us, your residents here in Marsiling.

I hope you will think over carefully about it. And if you decide to stand, than it should be fair enough for a By-Election be held in the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC as you are the only minority MP here.

Yours Sincerely,
Abdul Salim Harun

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