Rushed over immediately to Hougang MRT when my Sister called me urgently at 853pm. My 3+ years old Nephew was injured by the MRT gantry gates. After he tapped his EZ link card and was about to walk through the gates, the gates closed up on him very fast. My Sister informed the two MRT staffs by the names of Louis Heng and Thiah YK but none of them came out to assist. They sat there to watch and did nothing.

Out of exasperation and seeing there is no assistance going to be rendered, my Sister opened the side gate to get to my Nephew fast to check on his injury. He complained about pain on his chest and stomach, and perhaps on his shoulder too. The MRT staffs called ambulance.

By the time I reached, the supervisor Krishnan was looking at CCTV. My Nephew was sitting on a chair, looking scared/shocked and in pain. My Sister related the incident to me again and I asked to speak to the supervisor. I requested for the names of three of them and the avenue to lodge a complaint and an investigation on the incident.

The main grouse from my Sister is the two staffs did not try to assist or come out from their seat to even take a look at my Nephew who has been injured by the gates. They even tried to record my Sister’s conversation with them. This kind of service standard is totally unacceptable. No matter what they were doing at that point in time, after they were informed, shouldn’t they just come out to check on a child who could possibly be injured when the gates closed on him unexpectedly? They were given enough response time but they did nothing.

Just an update, there isn’t any call from SBS transit for the whole day today (before I removed my contact number at 1120pm). Their customer service is not doing their job well to contact me first for any clarification. Their fb administrator also did not even contact me even though their last active post was 4 hours ago. My BIL has done his feedback of this incident via proper channel since this morning and we shall see how soon they will respond to us.

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