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The Singaporean man who fell to his death during a tandem skydive that went wrong in Australia have been identified as Mario Low Ke Wei, 29. He was understood to have moved to Sydney for work, and his recent post as stated in his Facebook account was with investment bank Credit Suisse.

Low, together with his skydiving instructor Adrian Lloyd, had crashed onto a driveway on a property outside the city on Saturday (July 15) at about 2pm, after a 4,200m-high dive. They were both believed to have died on impact. The father of the deceased reportedly told media that his son was afraid of heights, and thus he was puzzled as to why he decided to go skydiving.

Sydney Skydivers, the company that operates the tandem skydive, cancelled all jumps on Sunday, out of respect for the victims. It said in a statement on Facebook yesterday that the incident was the first fatality involving a “first orientation tandem skydive”, and Mr Lloyd, who was in his 60s, had made over 10,000 jumps in his 30-year career. Media reports said the firm had four other fatalities in the past 16 years.

The Australian Parachute Federation, which is assisting with the police investigation, said it was looking into possible causes such as equipment failure or human error. Until then, we can only speculate as to what went wrong. RIP to the young man, and his skydiving instructor.

Phillip Ng

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