Remember the girl who was cheated of thousands of dollars in cash by her Korean boyfriend, who also owes over $200,000 to various people in Korea? if you don't read this for a recap.
According to netizen Adebelle, she was cheated of $10,000 by her ex-boyfriend, who goes by the name of Kwan Soon Ah. She had dated the man for several months and lent him money out of pity, but realized that she was being duped when he stole more money from her and ran off to Korea.
In Korea, she met more people and even Kwan's parents, who told her that Kwan had borrowed but not returned money to many more people in his own country.
She exposed Kwan in a hugely popular Facebook posting (because everyone loves Korean drama).
It seems however that the story is not over for Kwan. The Korean con-man has since returned Adebelle's KakaoTalk messages and wants desperately to meet her. Adebelle suspects that his urgency in wanting to meet her is to get her to remove her posting about his misdeeds.
When he realized that Adebelle would no longer see him, he turned into a psychotic murderous ex-boyfriend instead. In his messages, he hurled Korean vulgarities at Adebelle and threatens to kill her several times.
Naturally, friends and family have been worried about Adebelle, but she has shrugged off concerns about her safety.
She wrote: "Anyway this Kwan SoonHo has always mentioned he wants to kill me. In case, something really bad happened to me or I'm dead in Korea and Singapore or anywhere else, kindly help me lodge a police report. Lastly people do help me like and share the post around, thank you."
Real life Korean drama with a horror story twist?
Read Adebelle's post here.

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