A foreign netizen was trying to find a seat in Bugis Junction’s McDonald’s when he came across a seat. When she approached the table however, she found that the table had already been “choped” by 2 Singaporeans, who had used their name card and a Kopitiam card to occupy the seat.

She feels that this aspect of local culture is selfish and disgusting.

She wrote: “I was at McDonald’s Bugis Junction close to lunch time today… was trying to find a seat to had my meal but the indoor area was food… then i got no choice but to proceed to outside area to continue finding a seat… look what i saw… all the tables in the shade were chopped by selfish people using kopitiam cards and name cards! Totally disgusted by actions of locals! Shouldn’t it be on a first come first serve basis? If want to do this kind of thing, at least get a clown to seat at the tables…”

What do you think?

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