Mr Isah, 55 years old, is a father to three children. His youngest child, 20 years old, has just finished his education and will be enlisting into National Service this August. Mr Isah suffers from kidney failure, diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure. Due to his diabetes, three toes on his left foot and one toe on his right foot were amputated. Mr Isah is unable to work due to the condition of both his feet and the severe side effects he experiences after each dialysis session. Mr Isah goes for dialysis three times a week and after each session he experiences fatigue, vomiting, headaches and the inability to consume food.

Mr Isah informs us that he was retrenched late last year one month into his job as a cleaner. After going for his usual dialysis session, Mr Isah suffered severe side effects including dizziness and vomiting. Due to Mr Isah taking one day MC to recuperate, his company decided to terminate him.

Mr Isah has to depend on his wife who is also working as a cleaner. Being the sole breadwinner, Madam Zainun has difficulties providing for the family as the income she receives as a cleaner is insufficient to support the family. As such, Mr Isah and Madam Zaitun has arrears with the Housing Board. Receiving very limited financial support from his family and relatives, Mr Isah worries about the future.

ROHI has raised S$250 a month for four months to defray Mr Isah’s groceries expenses.

ROHI aims to make a difference to individuals and/or families, to help them on the path to becoming self-reliant so that they can gradually get back into their usual routine. ROHI helps our recipients raise funds through Simply Giving. Our Founder and Board of Directors cover the administrative and operating costs of ROHI so that your donation is 100% efficient and goes directly to the recipient. If any money is collected in excess of the target, it will be channelled to other recipients.

Visit http://simplygiving.com/event/MrIsah to learn more.

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