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About 12 people were taken to hospital on Friday after a five vehicle collision at Pasir Ris. Police confirmed that the accident involved three minibuses, a van and a car, and occurred along Loyang Avenue at 5.12pm.

The twelve casualties were aged between 28 and 64, and all were taken to Changi General Hospital. It was understood one of the drivers of the minibus suffered a stroke, which led to the accident. The minibus he was driving had 10 passengers. The car driver, who gave his name only as Mr Chen, said the traffic lights were red at that time. He was slowing down at the light, when he felt his vehicle being hit on the left side. When he turned, he saw a minibus hitting another minibus in front of it. But instead of stopping, the minibus kept driving forward and pushed the vehicle in front of it for another 50m.

It hit a kerb, reversed, and went over the divider into the opposite-facing lane, Mr Chen said. “There was a van and another minibus there that also were hit,” he said.

Police are still investigating. Hopefully, all involved have a speedy recovery.

Lyndon Chua

A.S.S. Contributor

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