I’ve been working in this company for 2 years & in my mid forties with 20+ years working experiences. Just last week, I found myself having to “justify my worth” to my company after they hired a young Indian (exact same designation as myself with 3 years working experience in India & never work in SG)

Over past two years, I’ve proven myself & achieved acknowledgement and these was what motivate me to continue my hard work.

Having lost my previous job as a white collar high flyer, I understand perfectly how tough & challenging just trying to secure a new job. Spent 10 months & finally got hired with of course a big pay cut. we just need an opportunity to be recruited and continue contributing to our work society while sustaining our own livelihood.

But now, I have to “justify myself” to ensure job security in my company??? After all that I gone through, I’m seriously wondering does our dear government know exactly what they have done by granting more EP/WP especially to white/blue collars from the foreign talent pool of candidates!

I’m born Singaporean, has been living in Singapore, pay my taxes, vote proudly as a Singaporean. What exactly have I not done to be in such situation where I have to “fight” with foreign talent just to have a decent rice bowl for surviving in my home country, Singapore???

Anonymous Worker
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