Last night I got off my shuttle bus at Jurong East and as per my new normal routine I tried to see if the NSL was running normally. As I approached the gates I saw the display was showing

Platform C&D DO NOT BOARD Departing

There was no mention of Platform A. This is normally what you see when the line is down. I stood in front of the gates for a minute trying to figure out what to do. There were no announcements, and no station staff standing at the gates giving any instructions.

So I figured I would try my luck at Platform A. I went up and found the platform very crowded (as I expected). I looked at the display on my platform (northbound) and it was also showing Platform C&D DO NOT BOARD Departing

I was just starting to type out a message to my wife to tell her I might be late when I saw the train rolling into Platform A. I (and the other queuing passengers) looked around wondering whether or not to board but we started getting on anyway. As I was getting on the display on Platform A changed to
Platform A DO NOT BOARD Departing

But we continued jamming onto the train anyway and then waited to see what would happen next. The whole time I was expecting to hear one of the dreaded messages about train delays, track faults, please take the bus, etc. Suddenly the doors closed and the train departed (as normal). But the display continued to show Platform A DO NOT BOARD Departing

So now even when the trains are running “normally” SMRT is giving misleading messages to their passengers. Welcome to the new normal… we are working on it.

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