Please take note of this guy! This happened to me near Yishun Mrt station, outside S11. I was walking home this evening at about 6.30pm when this guy came from behind suddenly and brushed his hands against my butt. I confronted him about it but instead of apologising, he immediately took out a card and claimed to be visually impaired on his left eye. I was not able to see the card clearly as he was waving it. (If it was accidental then he could have just apologised for knocking into me but he didnt do so and even pretended it didnt happen)

He then went on and asked me to bring him to the police station if i can. When i said that i will call the police he started giving excuses and said he needed to fetch his daughter. He started getting angry and walked away quickly when i asked him whether he did it on purpose and even called me stupid. After all that he claimed that he was not able to see on his right eye as well (like what???)

Please be careful!

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