A vigil attended by family and friends of Prabagaran Srivijayan, a convicted Malaysian drug smuggler sentenced to hanging, was disrupted by Singapore Police Force officers yesterday night.

Prabagaran Srivijayan had been scheduled to hang this morning at 6AM. A group of about 15 supporters turned up for the vigil at 11PM yesterday night, with candles and a photograph of Prabagaran being set up at about 11.15PM.

By 11.30PM, police arrived and dispersed the vigil, stating that they could not set up the candles and altar. They took photographs of the scene and of the people who attended before confiscating the materials and sending the attendees away.

The protesters later returned at 5AM with Prabagaran’s family, who were allowed to stay by the fence of Changi Prison and pray for their son.

Activist Kirsten Han has since shared on Facebook a “receipt” given by the Singapore Police Force for the confiscation of the items at the vigil.

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