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A Singaporean diver who went missing during a dive off the Komodo Island in Indonesia on Thursday morning has still not been found. A search operation for her was set to continue on Friday morning. Ms Rinta Paul Mukkam, believed to be a 40-year-old associate regional sales manager, had gone diving at around 11.40am on Thursday. It is understood that she was on a boat with about 15 other divers but did not surface with the rest after a dive.

According to her brother who posted on his Facebook seeking information and help for his sister, she was an experienced diver and had gone on a number of diving trips before. She had left for the diving trip on Wednesday and scheduled to return home on Monday. He was informed of her disappearance at 8pm on Thursday. He added that it was unclear what happened to her “buddy”. Divers typically dive in groups of two or three as a safety precaution.

The search for her was suspended at 6:25pm yesterday due to fading lights. The search operations will continue today at 6am.

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