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The SMRT has announced via their company blog that they have identified the root causes of some of the technical glitches which have been affecting the North-South Line in recent weeks. This was revealed by SMRT Trains’ chief executive officer Lee Ling Wee.

He also said that the discovery was made after joint investigations with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and signalling system supplier Thales. Currently, SMRT are forced to work around the glitches as they wait for software fixes to be implemented by Thales. He also indicated that SMRT are planning a software patch in the coming weeks and hoped for smooth implementation.

However, despite the discovery of “root causes” and imminent software patching work, Mr Lee made no commitment on when the new signalling system would settle down. LTA had said that it would take up to six months, or by November for the signalling system to be tweaked.

So, despite SMRT happily announcing the discovery of the root cause of the problems, the solution is still far from being reached. Expect more delays.

Clement Dong

A.S.S. Contributor

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