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So now the SMRT are saying that a power trip was what caused the disruption to train services late on Wednesday night. The power trip occurred in the western sector of the North South and East West lines which was traced back to the Tuas depot intake station.

The Tuas depot intake station supplies power to Tuas Depot, the East West Line from Tuas Link to Jurong East stations, as well as the North South Line from Jurong East to Kranji stations. Due to the power trip, some trains travelling on the affected lines came to a complete stop, with some stations even experiencing a momentary loss of electricity supply.

SMRT said they are still investigating how the power trip occurred. What they did not say however, was that they have been blaming signal fault, track fault, train fault, and now power trip for their woes, but not themselves for all the recent breakdowns.

Maisarah S K

A.S.S. Contributor

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