Dear A.S.S. Editor

On 14th July 2017 at about 8.15pm , I was travelling out from Singapore from Terminal 2 Departure, the South Wing. The place was packed including the automated lane. As a Singaporean , it is frustrating to have to queue behind foreigners to use an automated lane designed for those living and working here.

Apparently all passports can use it. It was packed with people who had no idea how to use it, and they were jumping queue. Two security officers were assisting pax and struggling to manage such a long queue of clueless people. What I noticed was, the ICA officers who were standing around and sending passengers over from the manual lane, did not even assist in clearing the queue at the
machine. They were standing at the manual lane chit chatting with their colleagues who were clearing the manual lane queues. I saw the security officers , even though tired and frustrated trying to help the passengers, even one who tried to make a queue just for Singaporeans and residents, for us to move faster.

Foreign passengers who could not go through were clueless still staying at the machine and holding up the lanes. Why is it that the ICA officers that are free handed could not come over and assist to clear the queue? Leaving passengers and security staff struggling to manage and holding back those whose are waiting to catch a possible last minute flight. Even some passengers who tried and failed a lot of times at the machine, were sent to the office, The office staff sent them to retry again.

The machines are so terrible and not working well, they keep sending them back. Why can’t they just attend to them. This is INEFFICIENCY on ICA’s part. I am very disappointed. Hope there’ll be some improvements soon. On the machines and management of such peak periods and initiative from free handed ICA officers


A.S.S. Contributor

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