An UberPool driver encounter 2 drunk men in suits at Millennia Walk, who tried to force him to drive them to 2 destinations for the price of 1. When they could not get their way, they turned abusive and hurled curses at the driver and his mother before resorting to violence against the driver.

The driver, Ken, recorded part of their argument on his handphone camera before one of the men knocked his phone away.

Ken wrote of the abuse he faced from the 2 men: “White shirt is the best, some of his remarks include ”I bet I definitely earn more than you” and kept trying to knock my phone out of the way. While the one in the business suit kept repeating “f**k you, f**k your mother”

“White shirt also challenged a fight mentioning “2 v 1”, and the one in the suit tried to elbow me after repeatedly walking into me aggressively. That’s when I retaliated after numerous warnings. Their next uber came at that moment and both quickly jumped into the car.”

Ken said that he was not afraid of exposing the 2 men because he had several witnesses around and an in-car camera with voice recording. He welcomed both men to give their side of the story and admits that in the heat of the moment, he had called the 2 men “cheapo cbs” but not more than that.

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