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I read with amusement all the negative feedback regarding ICA officers in social media. Lots of people just don’t now how dedicated the ICA officers are in doing their jobs, and how tough their work shifts actually are. On the surface, they may look like they have cushy jobs, just looking at travelers’ passports and making sure things are in order, and that they do nothing else.

So, when I read about the news report on how an ICA officer went out of his way to help a tourist who went into labour at the immigration counters at Changi Airport, he should be awarded a medal for his actions. A 28-year-old Thai tourist who just arrived in Singapore on April 17 this year was seeking immigration clearance when she experienced labour pains, according to ICA. Thus, ICA Counter staff sought Assistant Superintendent Justin Teo Kok Quan, who helped the woman and her family with immigration clearance.

He quickly contacted the medical team in Changi Airport and Raffles Medical Group attended to the woman. ASP Teo was not only able to think on his feet but also “provided expedited arrival immigration clearance for the pregnant lady and her family without compromising security”. ASP Teo, who is an officer with Airport Command, Integrated Checkpoints Command (ICC), manages a team including counter staff.

So, who says ICA staff are not friendly, and that they do not go out of their way to help others? This will disprove it.

Akbar Salim

A.S.S. Contributor

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