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The Singapore Government is pulling no punches when it comes to controlling Civil Servants and their work habits. Fresh from banning internet access from the workplace computers, the government is now telling all civil servants that they can only use USB devices that have been authorised.

This new ruling will take into effect on 25 July. Public agencies will tap on a bulk tender which has a list of portable storage devices that meet the Government’s security requirements, and will distribute them to its officers on a “working need basis”, said GovTech, the agency behind tech transformation in the public sector.

In its statement on Friday, GovTech said IT security policies are reviewed in response to emerging cyber threats to ensure that the Government’s IT networks and data remain secure. USB devices are targeted in the latest crackdown as they represent a means to introduce malware and exfiltrate data, especially as they have the potential to be easily misplaced.

Now, work place is really turning into real workplaces like in the days of our fathers. Every thing that we do needs to be regulated, and forget about updating your social media accounts while working, because you should not in the first place.

Matthew Fong

A.S.S. Contributor

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