Uncle got a lot to say about the mis singapore contestants, please uncle look at your face first .

Might be too small to see so here is cb ang’s comment

“From Top Left.

1) 1,5,6 seems to be totally flat chested and thus failed. especially 6 if she turns more sideway she probably disappear like cartoon shows.
2) Specky girl failed.
3) 2 failed
4) 3,4 & 9 looks like ah lian in st james power station girls. also no way these girls can stand out.
5) no 7 u sure she is not like a mother of 2?
6) 8 plausible but have not seen body and hear how she talks.
Bottom left to right
1) girl one looks like from Philippines or myanmar and her legs like Ju Jiao.
2) 2 chinless – no luck
3) 3 did she go for liposuction? her face too fat. usual for people who go liposuction to continue to have fat face and slim tummy. look at her tights too.
4) 6 looks like karaoke girl from JB pub
5) 5 looks like female version of Joker
6) 4 looks more S’pore ah lian but again plausible but i still think my boobs bigger (and i am a guy)But she is again too short in my opinion.

singapore berry charm, or S’pore judges are blind. how come only such poor pool. even then”

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