A netizen shared a photograph of a Land Transport Authority (LTA) officer caught napping under a sheltered area behind Block 9 Selegie Road!

According to the netizen, he had called for LTA assistance at 7.59AM this morning because of heavy congestion along the roads behind Golden Wall Centre. However, after 15 minutes and no sign of the LTA officers, he decided to take a break at a nearby coffeeshop, before discovering the sleeping LTA officer at the open sheltered area.

He later made another call at 8.15AM to push the authorities to send their officers down to clear the congestion. To no one’s surprise, the sleeping officer received a call and woke up to do his job.

The netizen wrote: “Last time I call for immediate action from the LTA, they always reply that officer can only arrive 30-45 mins later. Now I know the real reason why is this so! The LTA are really wasting the tax payers money and also not providing their best service back to the society! This is a real disgrace to a FINE country like Singapore! This is a tourist area with Park Sovereign Hotel and Village Hotel round the corner. What if tourists from other countries capture this scene instead of me?”

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