In recent years what have the local authority done to control the situation of Ah Long in Singapore.

I refer to the recent incident of man attempting to set himself on fire stop by his son

Pre – school vandalize by Ah Long

Unit chain up and set on fire

All of the above was the tactic use by Ah Long to pressure (or should I use extort) the lender to pay up or face the consequences. constant threat to harm your family lock up your unit and burn down your house who can stand all this? If you report to SPF basically they will ask you to stop paying them and ignore their call and what they can do is send more patrol on your area. They can even tell you the Ah long if want to catch will take times……Maybe 12 to 24 months, hmmm if you say something bad about our Ah Loong from AMK I wonder how long it takes to bring you down, 12 to 24 hrs??

From my point of view the Ah Long situation in Singapore is getting out of control, they are just getting bolder and more lawless, why? Because they are getting the better out of the local authorities? How many of the arrest made by SPF was the operator / financier/ big boss??

I really can’t understand if someone lock your unit and set your house on fire why is it still under harassment under the law? Shouldn’t it be attempt murder? must we wait till someone get kills before they do something to it? Prevention is better den cure? (Ya right)

So, lets break down how the modern days Ah Long operate nowadays,

1) Operating out of Singapore (mainly at Thailand or Malaysia)

2) Using WhatsApp call (That’s why they have the same number even the number is not in use)

3) Calling using internet call apps (Harder to trace with no number)

Let’s face it, out of the hundred the SPF arrested how many were really the operator and Big Boss? ZERO is the new number, with the numbers I see it’s no wonder the people operating are getting more n more aggressive and lawless

Just by arresting the borrower who turn bank account provider will not solve the problem at all (maybe they wan to follow the pinoy president who think killing all drugs abuser will stop people from taking drugs once and for all, shouldn’t you catch the one selling?)
Many of you may think you borrow money you pay lah you deserve it wan blame who? but for those who have paid more den what they have borrow or the neighbors living next to the borrower? they deserve it? If nothing is done to stop the Ah Long who knows what they will evolve into.

Can the Ah Long be stopped at all? I seriously doubt so. Frankly speaking what happen to the old school law enforcer who take down syndicate and the infamous ah long san? Mostly probably they have retired, maybe just maybe if we ask them to come out of retirement we might still stand a chance?

If nothing is done to stop them soon, a lot more people will suffer in silent. I really hope to share this awareness around and more people will stand out and put pressure for the local authorities to do something about it.

Welcome to the new Era of RISE OF THE AH LONG

Si Ah Long
A.S.S. Contributor

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