Dear Editors,

Some singaporeans really crack me up: sungei road, no comments, Multimillion dollar ministers, no comments, Press freedom, no comments, Minimum wage, no comments, But Miss singapore pageant contestants “Oi our opinion ok, this is freedom of speech, they are there for me to judge them”

Im sorry guys but who the fuck are you to judge them? You a professional is it? They are there to be judged by the judges, you have your opinions yes it is ok to have them.

But maybe try not to contribute to the bulk to dumb fuck haters. You are not the good guys here, imagine the contestants being told before they sign up that fuck wits will be judging them and posting bullshit hater stuff just because they have an internet connection and low IQ, don’t be THAT fuckwit.

I am guessing the organizers didn’t plan and do the make up and take the photo properly, make up and angles makes a lot of difference, these women aren’t here to fit YOUR requirements and standards of beauty, and please think twice if you look like a piece of shit.

If you won’t say it in real life why say it here? And please don’t use the freedom of speech argument, freedom of speech also means calling out bullshit when you see it.

Ben Matchap
A.S.S. Contributor

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