At 7.10AM today, the Straits Times announced that the coast was clear and the MRTs seemed to be functioning properly.

Just 4 minutes later, a netizen at Pasir Ris MRT along the East West Line (EWL) put that illusion to rest. She tweeted that the train at Pasir Ris had been delayed, causing the platform to become overcrowded with commuters waiting for their ride.

Netizens soon took to Facebook and Twitter to report that other stations along the North South Line (NSL) and EWL were also affected, with commuters from as far as Joo Koon and Bukit Gombak reporting trains that had stopped or platform doors that just would not close.

There was no official announcement on Twitter until 9.10AM informing commuters to expect an additional 10 minutes of travel between Joo Koon to Clementi due to a track fault. This was followed by another announcement telling commuters that waiting times had extended to 20 minutes for the same stretch of track between the two stations.

As of reporting time, there is still a delay of 10 minutes for trains between Joo Koon and Clementi.

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