Even as the dust hasn’t quite settled for the 38 Oxley Rd issue and odours still persist after its premature closure with an uneasy ‘truce’, 1 pertinent question keeps glaring at the eyes of the electorate that is, how effective were the PAP MPs in taking their leaders to task and holding them accountable to residents?

We have since witnessed the slow but sure sweeping under the carpet of the rampant abuses, with NONE of the PAP MPs holding a dialogue on this all important issue to seek their constituents’ views and protect their interest from a rogue government. We have also seen first hand, how there are virtually no checks and balances with the PM being in full control of a well submissive Civil Service whose head is the DPM. Chee Hean’s own credibility has been called into question by Dr LWL and Mr LHY!

I’m also particularly disappointed in my Marine Parade MP Tin Pei Ling who has asked 0 question on this issue while our sole Eurasian ‘representative’ Chris de Souza wayang line of questioning yielded no results. The same is the case for once well-loved Dr Lily Neo whose silence is deafening!

38 Oxley Rd should serve as a wake up call of sorts for all Singaporeans, to the true nature and intent of the current PAP whose shelf live is nearing expiration and pave a new way forward with the shedding of some of them to make way for SDP-WP candidates.

Until 2020, we can only turn up full force to render our utmost support for this Saturday’s rally at Hong Lim Park!

Alison Pereira
A.S.S. Contributor

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