PLEASE TAKE NOTE TO ALL PERSON WHO WANTED TO GET JEWELLERY FROM MONEYMAX! Please ensure that they calculate and breakdown everything infront of u before u make payment as i almost got cheated of $54..

I bought a ring at MoneyMax Boon Lay Shopping Centre that weigh 4.9g. Was told that the gold price today was $58.50. After all calculation done by staff, it came up to $382.. I then left and at my workplace decided to take a look at the receipt again.. Then i realised that i was overcharged of $54..

Price of ring:$58.50×4.9= $286.65
Workmanship Cost: $20
GST 7% = $21.46
TOTAL: $328

I called the staff at the shop back and after checking they say they make a mistake… Just that simple.. i dunno if its purely mistake or an attempt to cheat.. Just imagine if this happens to those aunties and uncles who dont know much calculation.. Single person get $50… 10person already $500… PLEASE SHARE AND INFORM ALL YOUR AUNTIES, UNCLES, SISTERS,BROTHERS,MOTHER,FATHER,FRIENDS AND EVERYONE WHO LOVES TO BUY JEWELLERIES..

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