I am shocked at the vitriol and lack of respect that Wan Dan Liao has unwittingly (?) uncovered when he/ she dished the looks of some Singaporean Beauty Queen contestants in his/her article:
The comments that have been posted with this article, that insult the women in the contest have shocked and indeed caused me to question whether Singapore has a similar record as Australia in assaults against women. In Australia one women a week dies at the hands of someone she knows in domestic violence incidents. The nature of the comments that accompany the article attacking women makes me (and very likely every other women reading those comments) wonder about the crime rate against women in Singapore. It certainly has made me pause to consider this question now.
A word of advice to Wan Dan Liao, when you write an article that derides and vilifies a certain identifiable group in society (gender/ ethnic/ race/ religion), you need to take responsibility for what you have done and to be aware of the consequences of many others getting on the bandwagon to attack that group and join in the "fun". This is now on public record and the children or future children of these women will be able to see how their mother has been abused. In this case the reputation of your country and the treatment in general of women in your country has proactively, by Wan Dan Liao, been brought into question. The question is why do this?
Linda Mohamad
A.S.S. Contributor

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