Firstly, we would like to thank you all for coming to the last night of the historic and heritage Sungei Road Market. When we were first informed about the closure, we thought that the world would forget about us.

That did not happen. Numerous members of the public reached out to us. We have been moved by their compassion and kindness. We want to take the opportunity tonight to thank them for showing us that there is still humanity left in this world.

Since we were informed about the closure – many of us feel anxious about our future. Many of us are in a desperate situation – living on a day-to-day basis because we depend on the market for our livelihood. For many of us, the market is a meaningful place. We met each other here. We shared the laughter, tears, the rain and the sun. We would like to thank all the vendors here tonight and all the vendors in the last 80 years for giving Singapore colour and flavours. Tonight, we are sad because we will miss you all very much.

The Association For Recycling Of Second Hand Goods recognises the government’s need to use this land for development. We have always been co-operative and been willing to vacate this space to complement the government’s plan. We are merely asking the government to consider relocating the market to another space.

As said we are in a desperate situation, we have got no choice now but to have a temporary location at Golden Mile Tower – so that we can continue with some hope in our lives. So that we will not be put in a situation where we have nothing to do and get into depression.

So we announce that the Association with some of the vendors will start a temporary market at Golden Mile Tower from the 15th July (Saturday). This new temporary market will be called Sungei Market. Sungei Market will not only consist of the vendors here; We hope to include the youths and entrepreneurs as vendors too. So that we can learn new things from each other and create a more exciting market. We hope Sungei Market can continue to provide colour and meaning to Singapore.

Lastly, we wish to thank all the customers of Sungei Road Market for your support. Tonight, Sungei Road Market may have lost the road, but we hope that the Sungei spirit can continue with Sungei Market. We sincerely invite the public to come and patronise the new market, help us keep the Sungei Spirit alive.

Thank you.

Association For The Recycling of Second Hand Goods

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