Remember the teenager who fell from a flimsy platform at Orchard Central? A netizen noticed that the management only reinforced it with another board wall instead of removing it entirely to prevent others from climbing onto it. He also complained that the handrails should be made higher.

Budget constraints?

“This how our government is working?? Refer to orchard road youngster falling from bridge at 4th level later died, BCA only advised management to install the board wall hanging on the handrail cover up so hopefully future no one climbing over bridge to external platform. But it should be the management demolished the external platform so no one sees it as a landing platform to climb over.

The management does not wish to demolish the external platform as to hang lighting and big advertising banners for events below in atrium. Why BCA can accept?

Some of you may know Lee Kuan Yew’s good relationship with the Far East org. I learned this fact from online information. Actually the glass panel and stainless steel handrail is only how much money?? Far East org is so fatty rich!! Just demolish the handrails to replace with higher one.”

Edward Frank Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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