Dear editors,

I hope this post will trigger media attention and eventually launch an interview with the public like motorists on the roads.

There is yet another accident involving heavy vehicle on the expressway again yesterday and I urge the authorities to put a complete ban on buses and trucks from using the expressways. Reason being is that these heavy vehicles are dangerous, slow and obstructive, and the expressway has got no traffic lights so there’s no need for these heavy vehicles to stop unlike normal roads and also only allow them to come out during off peak hours, this expressway and no move timing must apply to all including SBS and SMRT buses, they are meant to be slow and not fast.

There is a reason why LTA is not launching express bus services anymore because they don’t want too many buses using the expressways, I really hope LTA will look into this, our MRT is so efficient, why do we need so many buses during peak hours and also taking the expressways? As for big rigs, normal roads have got many traffic light cameras, so they have to drive slowly and stop, put more humps and portholes on normal roads to make sure these heavy vehicles travel slowly.

LTA and Traffic police, please do your work and start to impose a blanket ban on heavy vehicles using the expressways and plying the roads during peak hours, if MINDEF can come out with “No move timing” during peak hours, I don’t see why can’t you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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