Hi friends, firstly I’ve asked the permission of the bride to talk about it here. Secondly, bukan mengaib kan orang but creating awareness so that nobody will fall into his scam. Prevention is better than cure.

Thursday — Bride got in touch with me saying that her wedding dress is RUINED. She got it customized with whom she thought was a “reliable designer” but the designer did not even bother to show the actual material of the dress or arrange for a final fitting. She ordered the groom’s full suit, which included the shirt, vest, pocket square and tie and her wedding dress. So on this afternoon, a day before her wedding, he just dumped the dress and suit at bride’s home and quickly left.

Bride immediately opened up to take a look at her dress, but she found stains on the dress and realized that the design was COMPLETELY different from her request! Even the material looks cheap! She also realized that he had only sent the jacket and pants for the groom. Just moments after he left, she texted him with her concerns. Mind you, it was less than 5 minutes after he left. He replied her saying that he was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital to send his mom!!!! Though the timeline didn’t make sense to her, she believed him and agreed to allow him to settle his family matter first.


Bear in mind this is a customized dress and she paid A LOT OF MONEY for it.

The designer was NOT aware that bride is MY COUSIN. So, I took the initiative to call him – guess what??? With utmost nonchalance, he answered “HEY BABE! WHERE ARE YOU? I AM DOING FOR EXTRAVAGANZA!” I told him off straightaway that he cheated on my cousin of her wedding suit and dress. He apologized and said that he will have it fixed.

It was 24 hours BEFORE HER WEDDING!!!! HOW TO FIX THE ENTIRE DRESS?????? I cannot believe my ears and what I saw on the screenshots that my cousin sent to me. He cursed his mother to protect his arse!!!! What a sore loser and a downright despicable CHEAT!! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE STILL COME TO HIM TO HAVE THEIR SUITS MADE WHEN HE CHEATS CLIENTS OF THEIR MONEY!!! This is definitely NOT the first time!

While waiting for him to “fix” his “mistake”, (FYI, he said he will come and collect the dress at 11pm and guess what HE DID NOT EVEN COME AND COLLECT IT!) I decided that my cousin should see Kak Miza from Rias By TM. I told Kak Miza everything and Rias was very accommodating to provide my cousin with a dress at the eleventh hour. I went to their studio with the bride, all within an hour from the unfortunate event with the above designer. Kak Miza even made sure to get the dress properly fitted and altered to bride’s size and have it delivered to the bride hours before her wedding! Amazing!

So, THANK YOU Rias for saving my cousin’s wedding! The bride completely fell in love with “Essa” from Rias by TM.

To everyone who is reading this, Rias has a nice exclusive collection designed and painstakingly sewn by Kak Miza herself and non-other than Pippin Emerald. (She did my wedding dress too! Hehe!) You should check them out as they are very friendly and give very very good service to all their clients. I vouch for that because one of my wedding dresses was from them.

Back to the drama — the designer texted my cousin and told her that he doesn’t recall that she ordered the groom’s full suit. He also mentioned that he can only fix the dress the next day because he was busy. After much argument, he agreed to have the pocket square, tie and shirt sent to her. She also asked for a refund because she had to fork out money for her new dress. He apologized for his mistake and said that it was ONLY A STAIN on her dress and he ONLY FORGOT THE SHIRT, POCKET SQUARE AND TIE!!!

So to cut the drama short, just a few hours before her wedding, he sent the items to her, did not fix the dress and returned $xxx, part of the amount she had paid him. The suit seemed like it was bought off the rack, it did not fit the groom well. The jacket was tight, sleeves were too long, pants were too long and groom even had to go out and buy a new shirt for himself!!!

Z from Z.Couture — sepandai pandai tupai melompat, satu hari akan jatuh ketanah juga. You can lie, you can cheat but you will NEVER escape God’s retribution!!

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