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The Sungei Road Thieves Market might be at the end of its historical run today. But fear not, the Sungei Road Market association have secured a new site for the vendors to operate similar to Sungei Road, the sixth floor of Golden Mile Tower’s carpark.

According to association chairman Koh Eng Khoon, about 100 of 200 vendors have expressed interest in moving there. The market has also been renamed Golden Mile Tower Sungei Market, he added. Mr Koh had been trying to find a place for all the Sungei Road vendors to peddle their wares for the past two years. The new site is set for a relaunch on Saturday, but more details will only be revealed by the association on Monday evening.

Vendor registration for a spot at the new site will take place on Wednesday. Daily rent will cost $5 for association members and $10 for non-members. A security deposit of $100 is required, along with a one-year commitment. Vendors have also been told that the deposit will be confiscated if littering, the sale of illegal merchandise or fighting takes place.

Mr Koh said the monthly rental for the carpark space costs $10,000. Sungei Road may be gone soon, but the vendors have another place to carry on their business.

Suresh Prakash

A.S.S. Contributor

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