Commuters were treated to yet another day of rush hour MRT train delays today.

During evening rush hour, netizens who had been trapped in North South Line stations or trains were the first to report the service disruptions at approximately 5.45PM, with some netizens stating that they had been trapped for at least 15 minutes or more.

Minutes later at 6.15PM, trains along the East West Line also experienced short delays of 5 minutes or more. The problems gradually became more serious, with some commuters experiencing waiting times of up to 20 minutes or more.

SMRT made its first announcement of a train delay at 6.46PM. It informed commuters to expect an additional 15 minutes of traveling time for stations between Queenstown and Bugis. A minute later at 6.47PM, commuters were informed that a signalling fault had caused the delays.

At 6.50PM, SMRT continued to inform netizens of an additional 15 minutes of delay for services along the EWL line between Queenstown and Bugis. By 6.57PM, SMRT informed commuters that the delays would take more than 25 minutes. SMRT subsequently tweeted at 7.12PM that free bus services would replace the delayed routes.

Disruptions continued until approximately 8.26PM, when SMRT informed commuters that it had ceased free bus services after train services were restored.

Trains services were also disrupted during morning rush hour.

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