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A Chinese national have been sentenced to 34 months in jail for drugging three masseuse he had hired and stealing from two of them when they passed out. The Chinese national, Feng Qidong, who was a production operator, had obtained a bottled some bottled sexual enhancement drugs from a street peddler in Geylang.

The seller had told production operator Feng Qidong that the “filled night” sexual enhancement drugs would cause unconsciousness if taken in large amounts. Between 4 December 2016 to 3 January 2017, Feng drugged three masseuses after arranging for their massage services. He first contacted Ms Li Xueying, 35, online and arranged to meet her for massage services at a Geylang flat. He had bought a cup of soya bean milk and added about half a bottle of “filled night” into the cup, with the intention of causing the victim to fall unconscious, and subsequently stealing from her. Ms Li fell for his trap, as she had fallen asleep after drinking the laces soya bean milk. Feng proceeded to steal $4,500 and two mobile phones totaling $800, and left.

He next tried it on Ms Wang Yanmei, 39, with similar results. He got away with $6,400 and a $100 cellphone from her. But he was caught, when his third victim felt suspicious as he kept insisting she drink the soya bean milk he had brought. The third victim had taken Feng’s photo, and when she shared it with another Chinese national, she recognised him as the person whom she had previously given a massage, and subsequently fell asleep after drinking soya bean milk. The police was immediately called, and Feng was arrested.

Feng have reportedly not repaid any of the women for the stolen money and items.

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