A female netizen was cheated by her handsome Korean boyfriend, who is wanted in both Korea and Singapore for cheating and evading his national service.
Read the netizen's account here.
"Basically I have an interesting story to tell y'all here. 
There's this Korean young man named Kwan Soon Ho, Taylor (his Christian name whatever) is a "Wanted Man" in South Korea right now. Both the Korea Police Officers and Immigration Government Officers are tracking him because he skipped and wanted to escape his military in Korea (and in Korea, running away from military is an big offend something like SG AWOL crime) and to the extend he wanna leave his country desperately. 
When I was at his hometown in Incheon, South Korea, he even robbed me and stole up to Korean money 3,000,000 won (SGD $3,750) instant cash in my wallet and currently this guy is missing at the moment now. In SG, I already lent him SGD $10,000 up down for he lied to me he has to go for health heart and liver surgery, and he also told me he has to clear some debt and return money for his Korean friends but for what I've checked with the boys, not a single cent this Kwan Soon Ho paid back his friends. And they are lodging police report against him in Korea, too. 
Guess what? I can't even speak and understand Korean language well in the country, and Kwan Soon Ho's parents are the ones who brought me to the station asking me to lodge the police report and sue to the Korea lawyer against their own son. And the parents even bought me food, brought me to stay in their Korean family apartment. P/S. Even in his own hometown Incheon, none of the people like him there. He has got no friends in Incheon because he owed almost everyone of his friends debt money and he has many bank, credit cards debt need to be paid off. He owed the total sum of approximately 200,000,000 won in Korea. And now he stole my 3,000,000 won and he basically went missing and wanted to runaway his country and skip military. 
If anyone ever see him in Korea, Singapore or anywhere else kindly call and report to the Korean police officers and immigration officers immediately at +82 032-363-6802 or +82 032-541-3863. Do help me like and share around people. Thank you."

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