The news published that it had came to a conclusion that the bus accident on Jan 21 resulting in a death of a cyclist was caused by brakes failure of the bus and I think LTA and Traffic police really have to look into ways to enhance safety of all motorists on the roads.

Heavy vehicle drivers takes serious pride in their work and in most countries, they are being paid by trips they covered and both the drivers and vehicles spent the most number of hours on the roads which is a high risk of brake failure or malfunction that can lead to them losing control.

That’s why countries like US and Australia came up with safety ramp or “runaway truck lane” to make sure these sudden malfunctioned heavy vehicles came to a comaplete stop safely without causing hurt or injuries to the driver and other motorists as well. These safety ramp or runaway truck lane with be filled with big rocks or very strong netting or cables to hold the heavy vehicle and put it to a complete stop, parapet were put up also to prevent these heavy vehicles from skidding out to the road.

I suggest the LTA and Traffic Police to look into this Safety lane/ramp idea, it will certainly reduce or minimize injuries caused by heavy vehicles.

A.S.S. Contributor

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