Today I brought my 3 years old daughter went in MRT. This woman sit on reserve seat and mean while my daughter tell me she is tired and wanna sit down (actually is almost her nap time).

I asked this woman very politely and gentle: can you give up your seat for my daughter?

She replied me: NO!! Why should I give up my seat ?

I’m shocked with her replied coz I didn’t see she pregnant.

I said: but this is reserve seat.

She replied me: yes, but this seat is reserve for old folk not for kid.

I told her: thank you, this is 1st time I have met people like u.

She still can show me her attitude and replied me thank you.

After that she turn to her friend and said: nowadays the kids is really problem, so small already demanding!

She is very mean and heartless . Her words really hurt me. She can blame my daughter.

Then I asked her: then what’s the meaning for the picture. I pointing the picture behind her.

She said: that is baby, but ur daughter is kid. She already know how to walk y she need the seat.

I said: you mean 3 years old kid don’t need to sit down inside MRT.

She replied me: yes, even my kid I also not allow them to sit inside MRT.

after that her friend step in and stand in front of me. The friend said if ur kid tired u should bring ur own stroller, not asked for the seat here.

My husband asked her, are u pregnant? This reserve seat should be reserve for someone who need the seat.

The friend replied with bad attitude: maybe??!!

My gosh, I’m carrying my daughter during the argument but they still can throw this kind of words to me. I told my husband never mind, god will blessing.

They told me yayaya, god will blessing but we have different god.

Some more they still can said: got kid don’t bring out lah, got kid let them sleep at home don’t bring out.

I’m thinking how this 2 adult and treat a kid in this way???!!! I’m upset and angry, why sound like my fault to bring my kid out for family day?

During the argument, 1 of the old man seem like 60 plus 70 years old wanna to give up his seat to me coz he seeing I’m carrying my daughter with my both hands hence unable to hold on to the handle firmly and stand there throughout without seat. But I refuse to take up the seat coz I know the old man need the seat more than me.

I feel shameful for this 2 woman who is able, even the old man can give up his seat to me but they still thinking they are right. My husband took her photo but she keep using her HP to cover her face.

She also took down our photo we didn’t even want to cover coz we are not in the wrong. This Is really sad and bad experience that a selfish and inconsiderate person exist.

They made me feel my fault to asking a seat for my daughter. And some of the people don’t understand a 3 years old kid may not want to seat in baby stroller most the time preferring to sit with parent.


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