Dear A.S.S. Editor

I am staying at Blk 435 , Jurong West. St 42. About 5yrs back we had water leakage in our common toilet. We alerted the HDB about it as our ceiling in the toilet got terribly damaged and the leakage traveled to our kitchen ceiling and cabinets and ceiling lights were effected . The then HDB staff after talking to the above neighbour , came to a conclusion that we have to share for the repair work
for the waterproving and changing of tiles for the top floor neighbour’s house.

We said that we agree to share the repair cost for their toilet , but ask them to share repair cost for our damage portion due to their toilet which was obviously more . But the above neighbour did not agree with that. And they sold their house within a couple of months. The new neighbour renovated the house , so we went up to check whether they are renovating the toilet. Which they did. So we were convinced that the contractor would do the waterproofing. So we started to change our kitchen lights and did the necessary repair work and painting.

Last year 2016 Oct , we started to realise that some dirty water started to drip into our toilet from the top level again. So we called up the HDB. The newly appointed staff Melvin came to check and took 1 week to check the top level. We had to collect dirty water in pail in our toilet and dispose. They were taking their own time to look into the matter. After a couple of weeks later , they said they found the leakage and have told the above neighbour to rectify some problem there.

The whole process took a couple of months.We monitored the problem. The leakage did not stop. Things got worst that our kitchen wall is now effected and our toilet wall tiles have water sipping out. We highlighted to the staff again..And again he took his time and said they are going to do some test works to confirm the leakage. But the leakage can be visibly seen. We simply don’t know why they need to make a test to check on the leakage. There after, he said its a confirm leakage and we have to share the cost of the repair work.

So it came back to the same story again. Our toilet walls and ceiling and our kitchen wall near to the toilet is effected now. Water is dripping from our toilet wall tiles too. So we asked that we do our own repair and they do the waterproofing. Melvin replied that we have to share the costing for the above repair. Then what about out toilet repair ? We have to share their repair as well as have to repair our house damage too ? We requested to talk to the higher level officer. But nobody called us. I tried calling Melvin and left behind messages. But he called more then a week later to inform that the conclusion is that we have to share the costing for the top floor.

When we question about the warranty for waterproofing when they did the toilet renovation. He said that is confidential. He said he will send a letter about the sharing of repair work. Its been a month. But no letter. We are living in this house with water dropping from top level which gives a awful smell in the toilet where by we are buying perfumes to keep in our toilet to cover the smell. There is a leakage in our block from top level building also which is mouldy outside on the floor. I showed Melvin about it. But we don’t see any rectification for that too. I am sure he would not bother as he is getting is pay monthly.

What kind of HDB staffs are we having nowadays. The sharing the repair cost must be made fair for both neighbours. Not one sided. HDB always use the word out of “good will. What kind of goodwill gesture is this ? This leakage problem started last Oct till now July. Still not rectified. Its been 8 months. The leakage is getting worst. Even if we share the repair cost , probably after 5 years it will leak again. So we have to each time fork in money so that my neigbour can enjoy a new set of tiles every 5 years ? Unfortunately we don’t have another neighbour to share costing to change our toilet flooring becouse we are staying in ground level.



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