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For a moment of boyish mischief, a 23 year old student was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for being found armed with a foldable knife and for mischief at the High Street building at 3.56am on July 31, 2016.
Gunaseelan Anpalagan, 23, who is a freelance telemarketer, pleaded guilty to both charges.

According to Gunaseelan, he had just broken up with his girlfriend in July 2916, and was feeling down. On 30 July, he had drinks with another friend near Central Mall. The duo then proceeded to Liang Court, where they met another friend. Gunaseelan found a foldable knife in the toilet and kept it. Subsequently, the trio walked towards Raffles City to have supper at McDonald’s. As they passed by the Treasury Building, Gunaseelan used the knife to slash a red National Day banner that was fixed to a pillar.

His act of vandalism was caught on CCTV, which showed him slashing the banner at least 13 times before walking away. His two friends, who were walking in front of him, were not aware of what he had done. The cost of replacing the banner is about $70. Full restitution has been made to the Ministry of Finance.

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