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Bangla workers in Singapore took another hit to their reputation as yet another Bangladeshi foreign worker faced jail time, this time for repeatedly molesting a 20 year old student. The bangla national, Hossain Farhad, 24, who was a general worker at the time of the offence, was sentenced to two weeks jail.

He was charged for molesting the female victim inside a lift at the Rochor MRT station, and near the station’s staircase landing, between 1.45pm and 2.13pm on Aug 31 last year. Investigations had shown that the victim and two of her friends took a train from Bugis to Rochor on the day of the offence. At Rochor MRT, they took a lift from the concourse area. Hossain was standing behind the victim. When the lift door opened at the first level, they began walking out of the lift. As Hossain was about to exit, he touched the victim’s buttocks.

it was also alleged that Hossain touched the victim three more times in Rochor MRT station, with the “intention of outraging her modesty”. Her friends saw his act, and raised the alarm, while Hossain quickly pretended to use his mobile phone and walked away. he was eventually caught by the victim and her friends and they called the police who arrested him.

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