A netizen posted her grievance with Vivocity’s Mango retail outlet after she experienced “fat shaming” from the staff and a customer while trying on clothes there!

According to the netizen, she had just given birth to her child via caesarian section in November last year and this was one of her first few shopping trips out to buy some new clothes for herself. All was well until she went into the changing room to try on some clothes.

While she was changing, another customer opened the curtain where she was changing by mistake. Feeling shocked, she screamed and tried to cover herself up, but some parts of her postpartum body could still be seen.

When the customer closed the curtain, she said loudly and sarcastically: “OH! WERE YOU TRAUMATIZED!?” She and the other sales assistants outside proceeded to laugh at her for her reaction.

The netizen wrote: “I felt bad because I feel they were judging my body because it doesnt look good anymore 🙁 stitches, stretchmarks, fat tummy and all). Am I the only one having insecurities like this? Those girls were rude!!”

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