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Who says his urban jungle we call home has no more wild crocodiles roaming our streets? An accident involving one, unfortunately, shows that Singapore is still home to some wild reptiles.

A wild crocodile has reportedly died of its injuries after being hit by a car at Kranji Way around 10pm on Wednesday. The accident, said to be near the Kranji Dam, caused injuries to the 1.5m long crocodile’s right hind leg. AVA confirmed the wild reptile died on Thursday morning.

AVA also reminded the public not to approach, disturb, feed or try to catch any wildlife, including crocodiles. Police were informed of the accident, and they had cordoned off the area when they arrived on the scene. it was not known how the crocodile had ended up on the road. No reports on what happened to the car that hit it.

Selva Mohan

A.S.S. Contributor

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