A female Singaporean netizen has admitted to selling “handjobs” (for the uninitiated, it’s sexual acts done with hands) to pay for her university education.

The netizen posted this on Reddit Singapore 10 hours ago in the early hours of the morning, but her thread has already attracted over 157 comments!

She introduced herself as a “8.5” in the looks department, and said that she started the work to earn a target of $30,000 to pay for her school fees. She did not want to work just for money and wanted the freedom to do what she liked after she graduated, so she wanted the money to help her become debt free after her education.

On the services she provided, she said she was very entreprenuerial about it and only provided “handjobs”, even convincing loyal customers to sign up for packages and perks like some gyms and beauty services. She says she stopped the work because she got tired of it, not because she found a boyfriend or got a civil service job or any other reason.

Expectedly, reactions have been fast and furious, with many supporters expressing admiration for her openness. A few netizens chided her for being materialistic and degrading herself with the job, but the majority of netizens peppered her with questions about the specifics of her services.

In the course of all the questions, she further revealed that she is not working for the corporate world or public service, and that she conducted her services in her university dorm and other rented apartments.

Read her account here.

I cleared my student loan debt (in under 1 year) by selling sex (kinda). AMA! from singapore

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