This story has been circulating since the 1990s. It involves the mysterious and tragic death of a young 3 year-old boy, whose father and mother witnessed him jumping out of their HDB flat window to his death after playing with an imaginary “Kor kor” (elder brother in Chinese).

My elderly neighbors said that a long time ago in the block beside my own home at Bedok North Avenue 4, there used to be a famous suicide case where a mother threw her sleeping 3 year old child down from the 25th floor, after which, she fell to her death. The police classified the case as suicide and no foul play was suspected. The exact block is Block 99 I think.

The family had been having money and extra-marital affair problems before the double suicide. The husband had owed loan sharks a lot of money and was seeing another woman, so he wanted a divorce. The wife refused and both quarreled furiously very own. When she committed suicide, she chose to dress in a bright red dress. In Chinese belief, it is believed that those who die dressed in red will return to settle their unaddressed grievance.

She left behind no suicide note, but she wrote something on her wall, “Its not over, darling” (in Chinese) with her own blood!

After the suicide, the husband could not find a buyer to sell the house, so he moved his mistress in and got married. A few years later, they had a son.

When his son turned 3, the boy began to have an imaginary “Kor kor” as a playmate. He would often start talking and laughing in his own room. When the maid went to check, she found the boy smiling and eyes transfixed at the wall and saying “Kor Kor”. The maid told the parents about this spooky event the same day but they brushed it aside saying he was probably just imagining a friend.

That same night, the boy cried very loudly and told his parents that “Kor Kor” bullied him. The father scolded him and told him not to make things up. The boy refused to sleep in his room and so he slept with his parents in their room. That night, loud banging of cupboards and the cries of a child could be heard from the boy’s room. But the cries seemed oddly familiar to the father. It sounded too similar to the cries of his late son.

The husband and wife told their son to stay in their room while they went to check out their son’s room. They entered, but did not see anything. Then they heard the maid scream!

Both husband and wife returned to their bedroom and saw their son standing at the edge of the window. The grilles had been pried open, and their son was there laughing, smiling and waving goodbye to them. He told them he was going to fly like superman with his Kor Kor. He gave one final flying kiss and leaped to his death.

The family never recovered from the tragedy.

The police has classified this case as unnatural death, no foul play was suspected again. Till today, the unit is still vacant as neighbors go around telling potential buyers about the history of the house.

Rumor was that the night of the incident took place, it was the birthday of the 3 year old boy (the one that was thrown down by his mother).

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